Credentials & Certifications

Training for the FM Profession

The complex field of Facility Management is enhanced by persons who have proven skills and knowledge as evidenced by international credentials from ProFM, IFMA, AFE, and DRII.   We are qualified by these organizations to deliver training to earn the credentials.   

We also tailor and provide proprietary training programs from entry / developmental to mature operations for all staff levels.

CPMM – Certified Professional Maintenance Manager

CPS – Certified Professional Supervisor

CPE – Certified Plant Engineer

Essentials of Facility Management

Facility Management Professional (FMP)

Sustainable Facility Professional (SFP)

Certified Facility Manager (CFM) exam prep
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Business Continuity Professional


Certified and Master Programs

Pandemic Planning and Response

Risk Management




ISO Programs and Auditing

14000, 22310, 31000, 41000, 55000

'Map Your Gap' Self Assessment

ProFM Credential

Green Globes Associate (GGA)

Green Globes Professional (GGP)

Facilities Management


The Facility Management profession is changing at an incredible pace. To be successful and manage facilities effectively, FMs are required to be business savvy and have the knowledge and skills to deal with many facets of the FM mandate. GFMA is actively engaged in supporting the profession and in delivering essential and specialized training to FM professionals.


Asset Management


We can assist with your training needs and provide guidance in obtaining industry-recognized credentials that reflect best practices for Policy & Strategy Development, Asset Management Planning and the implementation of Strategic Asset Management Plans to optimize the delivery and performance of physical assets.


Change Management


Transformation requires CHANGE and that requires influence and motivation to achieve success.

We provide training programs to guide the team and embrace the change that advances facility management and contributes to the performance of the demand organization.


Maintenance Management


By nurturing a culture of continuous improvement we provide guidance and training through industry association credentialed programs. We provide training on the tools, techniques, strategies and skills necessary for effective management of physical assets for the built environment.


Risk Management


Effective risk management is key for organizations to mitigate the risk of potential threats as they emerge, change, and evolve in what has become a complex operational and technological environment. We provide the essential training that will allow FM professionals to be prepared and  identify, assess, monitor and limit risks.




GFMA offers training in Sustainability for facility managers (IFMA SFP Credential) and other stakeholders to provide the awareness and skillsets that are required to respond to the various environmental challenges that are present today. As the call for action increases due to climate change, we will ensure your staff are trained and qualified to deliver on this important mandate.




GFMA can design and deliver a custom training program that meets the specific business needs of your organization. We ensure that your staff can achieve their learning objectives and retain the knowledge that is required to be productive and effective in their respective tasks. Content can be created to reflect unique requirements. 

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