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Consulting & Advisory

Asset & Facilities Management Guidance

GFMA provides Asset & Facilities Management consulting services for your organization that encompass the many facets of FM in the operational context. We consider the impact of managing facilities well with the preservation of assets over the long term. We take a holistic approach that captures all of the essential information that reflects your company, culture, portfolio, and strategic objectives to adopt best practices and solutions based on our Center of Excellence.
We can provide a Strategic Snapshot to identify key areas that your organization needs to respond to in the changing FM mandate.
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Facilities Management


FM strategy derives from creating enduring value where strategic plans align with the corporate objectives of the demand organization. Financial considerations are always essential but FM strategy arises from working closely with all stakeholders for a long-term solution.

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FM Coaching


We work with you to provide targeted support for responding to operational concerns or knowledge areas that require your immediate attention. Our many years of facilities management experience and professional network enables a GFMA advisor to provide a dedicated coaching session via Zoom with a written summary provided for your reference. 




Performance management ensures that operational delivery is effective and meets the requirements of the demand organization. It is essential that Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are monitored for the desired outcomes that align with business strategic objectives. GFMA works with FM staff, vendors, and stakeholders to support training,  Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and the consistent application of best practices and FM standards for service excellence.


Asset Management


The asset management strategy must take several factors into consideration. Optimizing the performance of material assets and equipment is a financial value driver concerned not only with market or balance sheet values or even the condition or reliability of the asset, but in all factors that, taken together, mark its contribution to meeting the output targets of the FM organization and value realized by the demand organization.




GFMA has the insights, depth, and skills to advise businesses with their aspirational ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) strategies. We guide developments that deliver value for the broadest collection of stakeholders and we bring organization and advanced concepts to help define a future state - one that is balanced for macro/global benefits and increased merit for the enterprise.


Risk Management


GFMA acknowledges risk as an element in every plan and activity. Identifying risks is wise, but a relatively few are likely to happen that carry severe consequences for critical business functions for FM or the demand organization. These warrant management, but how and at what benefit and cost? We understand and work with the risk tolerance of organizations and the economics of risk mitigation. Personnel time and trouble plus material expense are ongoing – just to be prepared for something unlikely to happen.




Procurement is critical to FM performance. FM acquires projects, materials, and services at every stage of the facility life cycle. Cost, speed, and coordination combine with RFP, RFQ, SLA, and budgets – each with associated policies and processes within and outside of FM. GFMA brings into play configuring of CMMS to perform rote monitoring and requesting of materials and services, leaving the FM and vendor wide opportunities to determine the business relationship and terms best suited to the need and occasion.




Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP) and investment play a key role in infrastructure financing that ensures improvement in the quality of life for people through the delivery of essential public services that align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 2030 Agenda. GFMA is actively engaged with organizations such as the World Association of PPP Units and PPP Professionals (WAPPP) and the Canadian Council of Public-Private Partnerships (CCPPP) that support this mandate.




Sustainability refers to the management of energy, water, materials, consumables, waste, and the workplace and surroundings. Adoption of sustainability and environmental responsibility as an enterprise strategy is now widely evident. GFMA can contribute specifically to sustainability planning and process development, working across departments, locations, and business units, taking corporate policy into practical and accountable FM practices.


Workplace Strategy


We develop strategies and a plan to optimize the workplace so your organization can deliver on the business goals and objectives in an ever-changing world and workplace environment. By leveraging technology, best practices, and science GFMA provides solutions so your people can perform at their best.

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AM/FM Standards


It's important to know how your organization is performing relative to international Asset Management (AM) and Facilities Management (FM) standards. The adoption of best practices and experience will ensure the mitigation of liability, performance improvement, and maximum alignment with corporate goals and objectives. GFMA is engaged with ISO and other regulatory bodies to contribute to the development of ISO 41000 and 55000 series of standards. We provide a roadmap and the appropriate strategy to transition to a higher level.

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