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Consulting: AM/FM Standards
The GFMA team is engaged with ISO as part of the relevant committees and working groups in the development of Asset Management (AM)  and Facilities Management (FM) standards. GFMA views standards as resources, put together deliberately and painstakingly by disciplined groups worldwide having in common prolonged practical, conceptual, and leadership experience with the subject. Standards are not regulations, but consensus, derived with the main objective of giving the user certainty of not leaving out an essential area, nor adding something unnecessary. Standards ensure common frameworks and allusions for FM while promoting and supporting both freedom and imperative. Standards are brief, pared to essentials, and internationally coordinated.
Adopting a standard requires development effort that customizes detailed and integrated provisions into work processes. Adopted standards necessarily differ from organization to organization according to culture, products and services, and other conditions and circumstances. From one organization to the next, adopted standards are recognizable in form and purpose. Adopting standards supports communication, brings confidence, and economizes on time, effort, and expense.

Asset Management - Published Standards

Asset Management — Technical Committee
Asset management — Overview, principles and terminology
Asset management — Management systems — Requirements
Asset management — Management systems — Guidelines for the application of ISO 55001
Asset management — Guidance on the alignment of financial and non-financial functions in asset management

Facilities Management - Published Standards

Facilities Management — Technical Committee
Facility management – Management systems – Requirements with guidance for use
Facility management – Vocabulary
Facility management – Guidance on strategic sourcing and the development of agreements
Facility management – Scope, key concepts and benefits
Facility management – Development of a facility management strategy
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