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Consulting: Workplace Strategy
It's all about the Workplace Experience where we implement strategies that align business objectives with people & culture, the workspace, and technology to deliver a workplace that maximizes wellness and productivity.

GFMA utilizes the Workplace Management Framework that was developed by Andrew Mawson and Dr. Graham Jarvis and adopted by the IFMA Workplace Evolutionairies (WE) Community as part of the Workplace Strategy & Leadership (WSL) Program. It is cleary defined as a priority where "Workplace management is emerging as an integrator of contributions from across a number of disciplines (Real Estate, Facilities, Human Resources, Security, IT, Risk, Core Business, etc.) to deliver an economic and effective workplace experience to the organization’s workforce, clients, and customers."

The Workplace Management Framework (WMF) provides a module of ten workplace management capabilities that organizations can use to benchmark and measure against. It provides a structure for the development and subsequent assessment of best practice in the
management of the workplace.
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