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Assess FM Capability Maturity and competencies to initiate, develop, execute, measure, and improve results, utilizing valid benchmarks that reflect value delivered. 
Plan and execute changes responsive to strategic directions and initiatives in FM and in the demand organization. FM can contribute valuable innovations in operations and projects to reach organization goals in health, safety, and environmental sustainability.
Develop and manage staff as assets and resources. Decide functions to staff, roles and numbers required, in-source or out, recruitment support, orientation, training, depth and versatility, and succession.
Determine standards and derive policies, procedures, guidelines, and instructions to manage the creation, deployment, monitoring, and improvement of FM processes that match the needs and expectations of the larger organization.
Assess and improve FM processes, approaches, and systems to maintain buildings and equipment as assets, optimizing reliability and economy and making effective use of space.
Assess, manage, augment, automate, and integrate building systems, functions, and operations to manage energy, utilities, communications, and safety. Optimize occupant comfort, convenience, well-being, and productivity. Technology must perform in accord with economical, reliable, and sustainable operations.

FM Strategy Defined


Facility management (FM) is a profession that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality, comfort, safety, and efficiency of the built environment by integrating People, Places, Process, and Technology.

We perform an assessment to provide a summary of the FM mandate that will shape what is needed for a Strategic Facility Review and subsequent Strategic Facility Plan providing guidance and a roadmap to the future for the successful management of your workplace, building or portfolio. This review is based on experience, research, and best practices, and while comprehensive in scope, it is intended to be dynamic and utilized as a framework to build on and modify as required in alignment with corporate objectives.

We take a look at the impact of training, workplace experience, productivity, and resources for one of your most important assets. 
We review your building or portfolio for asset types, maintenance history, potential liabilities, changing requirements, and options for asset investments that align with corporate objectives.
Facilities management processes are essential for a well-functioning workplace. We review your policies, procedures, and processes to confirm your compliance with statutory obligations and effectiveness in delivering FM to your organization.
With a renewed FM mandate, we review your requirements for staff productivity, approaches to managing facilities in a potential hybrid model, and the best way to move forward with the built environment. 
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